September Fitness Thus Far

It is interesting to see what the Fitbit is now logging since we have begun the process of moving into our new home, thus far showing it is showing that I’ve apparently taken 156,749 steps, gone up 70 floors and that I have managed to do 114.23 km (71 miles) and burned 67,410 calories – yet the scale has not moved, but in all honestly I am not surprised that it hasn’t moved since eating hasn’t been as regular as it should be, but hopping that will change as we finally get settled into things here.

I might actually restart the Canada Trails challenge that I started oh so many years ago – I don’t know yet if I will, but right now I am feeling like it might well be a possibility (more so now then in the past), time will tell what I do, but I can safely say that I am going to keep on blowing about my working out and try to remember to post that stats, as I remember to do so.

take care everyone!



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