Restarting on the Trans Canada Trails

Trans Canada Trail LogoWell it is the start of a new year and the start of me trying to get back into things that for a year and change have been slacking for various reasons, so I am STARTING over again, from the beginning as much as I am able to do so.

I am going to start in Alberta and track every day how far I go, thus to get though Alberta for the Trans Canada Trails walk I need to walk 2,200 km.

If you wish to do the trails yourself, you can see here what I have come up with for the trails for people to walk on their own, as a virtual goal.

I will for my own self, post at the end of each week how far I walked and how much left I have to walk. I had though of doing it daily as I once did but right now that doesn’t seem to be that much of a practical idea, but we shall see on that matter it might be in time more practical then I realize – at any rate I will try and twitter how far I walked each day.

Take care everyone and I hope this new year is filled with health for all of you.



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