Hit the Gym

Well I did hit the gym, was so NOT feeling like hitting it, but I did go, spent close to two hours there. Did 35 min on the elliptical at level 5, 25 min on the cycle level 1, and 35 min on the treadmill at incline 5 at 3.0 mph.

My total day cals burned was 1991.44 and I only manged to take in 1556 calories .. sighs, once again burned more cals then I have been able to take in, grumbles this is so typical of me that its a little anoying. Though the weight is coming off so its not 100% bad, just a little annoying at times is all.

I also took griff out for a few walks, which is what added up the tally when it comes to cals burned for the day … also managed to get in 10 miles of walking, plus 9.65 miles cycling so all’s good I do feel in that regards at least.

Well take care,



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