Got that Personal Trainer

Well I went and did it, I signed up for a personal trainer for 3 months, twice a week.

I figure that it will at least give me a good over view of the weight equipment that I don’t already know, and might also give me a kick start at working on something to help rebuild the muscle that I’ve lost over the last several years from lack of weight lifting and general strength training and what not.

I really don’t need the nurtition side of things that is part of the deal, but its part of the package so I have to go with it, but it doesn’t mean I have to follow it (I have enough nutrition information coming at me from my Diabetic team and the porph doc side of things, so I think I am prity well covered when it comes to what to eat and what not to eat, and how much – though the how much part seem to vary from person to person, so I just take the middle ground and go from there on my own).

My first session is this coming Wednesday, with a lady trainer. I am not 100% sure she will be right for me, but unfortuantly she appears to be the only one who hasn’t got a full skedual at this point in time, and who to boot is at the gym after 3pm (I know i could do earler, but like everything in my life, things are all over the place before that time, so for me after 3 is what works over all – so it limits who can do what it does appear, sighs).

I wasn’t going to sign up for a Personal Trainer, but thanks to a promo offer that the GYM is having that is what caught my attention and to a degree made the decision. I might not have the funds right now for it, but with the tax stuff coming in, it will cover the three months of personal training, and I figure its a good investment for my future and peace of mind when it comes to knowledge about the equipment that they have and how to use it properly – i might already know some of them, but not all of them, this will give me some of that knowledge plus info that I lack when it comes to making a program for myself when it comes to weight training and cardio workout.

Well take care everyone



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