Good Day Yesterday

well yesterday was a fairly good day all in all – baffled the hell out of the local fitness trainers

The local gym has a free testing deal on because of the local events happening this week (in the hopes of course of getting more memberships).

Anyhow, they kind of freaked when I did some of the streches and could for then their records said I should be able to do with my body weight – like lye on my side and point my let stright up just over a 90% angle without feeling any strain what so ever and ever point my toes and do some other movements with it streached out way up there without moving my lower body what so ever.

Or in a butter fly position being able to get my feet up to my vagina area and my knees on the floor then lean over and strech all the way out without feeling any streaching pains what so ever

When all was said and dun, they said to go shower and rest and gave me a copone for a free drink at the cooler – took them 15 minutes or so to call me back (I think they where trying to figure out how to calcualte things for me – since from how they talked I was way outside the normas that they are use to seeing).

Anyhow, their conclusion was this … “You are more flexible then most people you age and half your weight and extreamly flexiable compaired to those of your weight.”

Not bad for a ego boost, i’d say.

The strength training potion of the deal, they where not as suprised at I think, since the first part I did well in. Though the bench press was a little of a shocker to them – chuckele they didn’t have anything higher the 200 pounds for the bench to lift since apparently that’s about the max at the gym that any ones has ever lifted.

The machine that you use to pump with your legs weights they had two versions one that does your body weight and one tht does weight itself – they where not surpised at the body weight deal that i could easy push my own weight, but the weighted deal they where a little suprised since I got just over 350 pounds pressed with my legs (if i had been able to do it before the body weight I feel i could have gone higher).

So all in all, I got a good pass from them and the words that I was in many respects outside of their ability to forward my progress with the equipment that they currently have on hand – the bloke rated me at a high maitance streanth trainer, and that the 15 pounds I’ve put on in the 3+ months is quite possibly pure muscle mass (expecally after the looked at my strength training log book).

So to me that made for a great day – though right now i’m a little more sore then I normaly would be on a off day of strength training.



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