#Fitblog QnA – “Ouch! That Will Leave A Mark!”: Working out Through Injuries

FitBlog ChatsQ1) How did you deal physically with being injured? Change things up? Stop completely?
For me it depends on the type of injury as to how I deal with it, if its a pulled ligament then well it all depends on what my doc’s have to say on the matter, if its just a sprain I just tone it down a little and go on as able to do so without aggravating it further. Having lived with a torn ligament one ankle since I was a child and it taking years to get into a stable alignment I’m not about to push it further then its able to be pushed.

Q2) Hints for returning from a injury. How to get your mojo back.
I tend to progress as I get the okay from my doc’s or as the injury itself. I spent close to 20 years working on my neck and eventually I got the go ahead to start doing stronger things, such as yoga but it took time to get there plus listening to my doc’s to be able to do so.

Q3) Your favorite “wives’ tale” treatment for an injury.
No idea about this, I’ve not known any such that don’t actually work thus they are not wives tales (which tend to not be helpful).

Q4) What’s your favorite “comfort” snack?
I love to snack on carrot sticks and garlic hummus



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