#FitBlog QnA (Do Numbers Count?)

FitBlog ChatsQ1) What types of fitness goals do you have for 2011?
I’d like to louse 20 pounds in total for the year, but would also settle for being a pound less then what I start the year at, or no loss what so ever but no gain either – staying level would work for me if its what Id have to settle for.

Q2) What are the pros/cons of using numbers in tracking progress? IE Weight? Calories? Mileage? # workouts?
If you are someone who can get obsessive over numbers using them to track “progress” can become an issue in general for anyone. But I don’t think its a con for me. As to the pro’s it helps give you something to measure personal progress.

Q3) What other methods do/can you use?
How clothing fits works well for many people, if its fitting better your making progress. Having more people complement you on your look is another form of measuring progress for some people.

Q4) Do you have any blogging goals? How much do numbers and stats affect those?
I would like to post something every day for the whole year, but if not that at least to post a weekly item, even if its part of twitter verse in general.



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