#FitBlog QnA (Holidays,Hellidays or Healthidays?)

FitBlog ChatsQ1) “On the first day of Healthmas, my true love gave to me…” What is the best gift you are giving yourself this season?
Ummm can’t think of anything that I’ve given to myself this season that was healthy

Q2) What is your holiday Kryptonite — the one treat you can’t say no to? What makes it special and worth the splurge?
Ummm again there is no one treat that I can’t say No to because all treats I can say no to, though a treat for any day of the year is my Pepsi regardless of if its caffinefree or regular, I love the taste of it.

Q3) How are you putting the healthy in your holidays? Extra exercise? Permission to sleep in? Forgiving slip-ups?
No major effort being made for the holidays because I don’t feel that I need to do so, healthy living is a daily deal not something that I put extra effort into just because its a different season.

Q4) What stresses you out when it comes to the holiday season? What can you commit to tonight to making things more smooth?
Stresses me out, ummm the fact that its the end of the year and work is still something that isn’t a perm deal is the major stressor because I don’t know how long its going to be till the next stretch of employment so I don’t know how long i have to make what income I have last for, be it weeks or months or even a full year plus.



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