Another Day at the Gym

I am starting to get use to the scales being where they are, but am getting more and more furtrated with a few to many ppl on other groups and another site that I am a member of calling me a lier .. sighs, that to me is furstration big time. But they don’t know me, they don’t see be work out, they don’t live my life so let then have their words, whats that old saying .. “I am rubber you are glue, what ever you say to me bounces back and sticks to you” or something to that effect.

Anyhow, hit the gym yesterday for just over 2 hours and ended up burned 2334.81 calories for the entire day .. shakes head .. of which I was able to take in 2036 cals and only because I had a slice of cake and a jos louis cake … grrrs without them I’d have been around 1500 cals (i don’t like having to eat junk to get my cals!!!! .. but there isn’t enough healthy food in the house that i can eat to get that high 75% of the month – grrrrs).

I did my 60 min of lower body and core weight training, and actaully increased the weights used by 5 to 10 pounds, which was a nice extra bit to the work out – as in make me feel like I was really working out .. was starting to get to use to the weights I was at. I then hit the Elliptical for 65 minutes, and ouch I wanted to stop at 50 minutes my HR was hitting 160 (i’ve not seen it up there in close to 6 months), granded I had moved it up from level one to level two, so that might have been the reason why it was higher then the 150 that is normal for me 30 min into working out on that machine. One reason why i’ve switched over to it fromthe treadmill, on the treadmill i never was able to get my rate higher then 130 which is annoying since that bearly into the fat burning range, and i want my cardio range hit (which is a min of 247 for me apparently).

After the gym I treated myself to a steak on a kaiser with onions and mushroons .. yummmmers … its been a year since I have allowed myself to have one of those … but it just felt like the right time to have one .. and oh ya it tasted better then I remember, but sighs i wish red meat didn’t give me a rash all over (as in that’s the only down side to its enjoyment).

Well take care everyone,



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