Endro, meds and stuff

Well saw my endro and ya he was less then pleased with me, my A1C instead of being down was up – and not a good up but a high bad up (as in its now around where it was almost 10 years ago when I was first told that I am now a diabetic) which is scary since you’d think by now that I’d be able to get my numbers lowered or close to range, but apparently the insulin resistance that is part of the PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is making matters worse and I’m now even MORE IR then I was almost 10 years ago.

So what does this mean? Simple it means he’s increased my night time insulin from 70 units to the fully 80 units and I’m to up it to 100 units max if my morning levels do not come into line over the next few months. If my number’s can’t get lower he wonts to put me on yet another medication that is new on the market (but hasn’t been fully studied to work with insulin as yet) to see if it will help get my system more sensitive to the insulin.

Though I do admit his talk of “oh one of the side effects if it makes you less hungry” was NOT welcomed at all to which my reply was “great now I’ll have even more issues trying to get in the 1200 that I’m already unable to get in most days of the week never mind the 1600 to 1800 that the diabetic dietician wont’s me to get in daily – just great” he didn’t even bat an eye lash or say anything about it, as in it felt like he totally dismissed the comment which would be just like him on various levels to do so, which is blasted annoying on so many levels.

I really do not wish to go onto yet another drug, more so that its a drug that hasn’t had much testing in regards to being combined with someone who is on insulin, that just makes me wonder of it and the side effects it already has if you are on it with metformin (which I am also still on, along with two different types of insulin).

Oh well got to get back into the testing habit, which means finding the funds to get the supplies to do so (ya what insurance I have does pay me back, but that does no good when it comes to having to get them first then having to wait till I get a reinforcement, if I get it at all since about the only thing they cover is the test strips and only if I get them every other month and not monthly regardless of what my endro has put the script for they don’t pay it monthly just bi-monthly which means I either stretch out what I have or pay the the extra 100 strips with funds that I lack (aka use my CC, which I don’t like using and owning monies on). And yes I have looked into various assistances but I don’t qualify for any of them so am stuck as I am at the moment, with luck either N or I (or both!) will find employment very soon so some of our debt can start getting paid off and be less bothersome to us (as in neither of us like have funds owing on the CC that can’t be paid off right away).

Oh well such is life as it currently stands, take care everyone post as time does allow for it.



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