Update on Dexcom G6

dexcom_image.jpgWell the Dexcom came in just over 1.5 hours ago and Norman has already applied it, and pleasant surprise my phone found it right away as shortly thereafter so did the receiver itself. Thus that is a point in its current favor over the faulty one that was shipped.

It will be interesting to see how this one works compared to the G5 that I had been using, one thing is for sure applying it is MUCH easier for Norman to do (I can’t self apply it sadly, it’s not easier for me to self apply then the G5 was). So for me, that in itself is a downside to it since it means I wouldn’t be able to put it on myself without his help (not unless I was applying it to another body part that I can access easier than its approved spot).

From the research on the G6, it can take 24 hours before it becomes accurate so the first 24 hours it isn’t as accurate as it could be. It also stays on longer than the seven days that the G5 lasted, the G6 is supposed to last for ten days. It remains to be seen, how stable it is for sticking to the skin for that long. I had minor issues with the G5 sticking, but not overly problematic.

When I have looked at various posts on various Dexcom Facebook Groups, I see that several people have issues with the sensors staying on for the full ten days. Which I know was also an issue for many with the G5.

I know getting the sensor off after it was freshly applied was no small feat between Normand and me to do, it took a combined effort to get it off – so not sure how that compares to other peoples experience with it on the short term vs. how it will adhere long term will be.

So far, so good. I will post more later after I have been wearing it and having it run for a time.



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