The Clicks Method and Ozempic

Another question that I got from the videos that I have made of my Ozempic journey thus far is what is the Clicks Method that I mentioned that I am doing to be doing when it comes time to up my dosage if I am not going to be following the standard dosing methods.

The Clicks Method is something I learned about from various Facebook groups I’m a member of for those who are taking Ozempic, but who is paying for it themselves (because they are on it for weight loss and not to treat diabetes) and thus they are buying the highest dosage pens that they can get and are using the click method to make the pen last as long as possible.

The method used means you are counting the clicks that the pen makes for each part of a milligram that it will dispense – there is a chart and everything that has been made to show how many clicks are needed for each main dosage plus the individual dosage in between.

It is these in-between dosages that I am going to be going towards to slowly increase my dosage and hopefully prevent or lessen any side effects that might happen, it will also allow me to go down if I do experience a negative side effect and go to the previous dosage that I had fewer issues with thus not fully reducing the amount I was taking and thus giving my body a better chance to adjust to the dosage before going back up again.

Something which jumping from the higher dosages just isn’t really possible – it’s like an all-or-nothing approach which is really annoying for many people who have issues with the drug find.

So I am starting at .25 which is the standard starting dosage, normally I would after 4 weeks go directly to .5 and stay at that for another month before jumping to 1mg, and after that month jump to the 1.5mg dosage or staying at the 1mg for 3 months before going to the 1.5mg depending on side effects and what ones doctor wanted them to do.

When I did this in the past, I spent 3 months at each dosage and it still didn’t make a difference for the side effects that I ended up dealing with – thus for this time round I am after 4 weeks going to be slowly increasing my dosage each week until I reach the .5 amount at which point I’ll hold there for 4 weeks at which point I might or might not start going up again it will depend on how my body is reacting to the drug and what side effects I am dealing with as to what I will end up doing.

But the plan is to go up in 5s (or close enough thereof) until I reach the 1.5 that my endocrinologist wants me to be at (its suppose to be the most effective dosage for heart and cholesterol protection, so I am not sure how good it will be if I can’t reach that number – but I’ll worry about that at a later date until then I have to make it to the .5 – which means I will be going to .31 after this week is over (because there are no clicks that correlate with .3 exactly so .31 is the best I can get or .29 so for my own mind I’m going to reach for the .31 and only if needed will I back it down a click to the .29 and see how it goes from there) and going up from there each week as my body does allow it to happen.



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