Hypoglycaemia and Ozempic

Well, this is part of life and what can happen to anyone who is diabetic (and even to non-diabetics), but as a Type 1 Diabetic this is something that I have had to deal with on more than one occasion over the years that I have been alive.

I haven’t had much of an issue in the past year other than the odd low that was never a big issue, they all were easily treated and forgotten about. Until this episode that took place February 20th, 2023 between 830pm and 930pm est. This time it was like no other in recent memory (but it wasn’t outside of something that I’ve treated before in the distant past).

This episode actually lasted a full hour before I started to climb out from being hypo and this was no regular hypo this was a hypo that had my Dexcom going off every 5 minutes with double downwards errors with a countdown to going even lower than what was being shown.

I did a test with my regular meter to confirm that I was going hypo and my meter agreed that I was in a hypo state of being (even my Diabetic Alert Dog was agreeing with the Dexcom n meter). So ya I was actually facing a hypo unlike any I have experienced in a very long time. You see this hypo just didn’t want to be treated, I actually went through almost a complete 2L of regular pop in the process of trying to treat this hypoglycemic episode.

I even went through all my Dex 4s that I had on hand (which means I need to buy more when I can afford to do so). Yet it was still stubborn enough that it wouldn’t come up. Normally after a swig of regular pop and 6 Dex 4s, the Dexcom is reporting that my glucose is rising Fast, but nope that never happened.

I almost got to the point that I was actually getting ready to go and get the Glucogon which is supposed to only be used in case of emergencies when I’m not aware or awake – but I was after 45 minutes starting to get worried because Dexcom and my meter wasn’t showing that my numbers where going up.

Well at the 55 minutes or so mark the arrows started to show that things were going up, but not spiking like I’m used to seeing. I never got that spike that the number of carbs I took in should have caused.

I spent from 930pm until almost 5 am hovering between 5.8 (104) and 4.3 (77) not bad numbers by any means. but not the numbers I like to see for sleeping in general (I prefer to be around 6 [108]) I don’t know why I went low, I didn’t have extra insulin on board at that point in time – so there should have been no reason for my body to out of the blue go that low.

This makes me think that somewhere along the line the Ozmepic came into play and caused things to go a little out of wack. Now I can’t prove it, but since the last time this happened when I was younger and still learning my journey as a T1 (which means I was in my honeymoon phase) it does make me wonder if somehow my pancreas wasn’t trying to respond to something in a delayed fashion and thus caused the situation.

It’s just a theory but it does make some sense to me though I haven’t heard of this happening to anyone else as yet online. So we will have to see how things go, if I experience this more often then I might not be able to continue with the Ozempic or might have to actually lower the dosage that I am on – time will tell how things go.



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