First Impression of the Freestyle Libre

First impressions of the Freestyle Libre is nice n compact and wow techs come a long way in 20 years for glucose reading!

Applying the sensor was painless, the needle looks worse then it is for insertion injecting insulin or picking my finger can hurt way more then the non-existent pain from the application of the sensor did.

HOWEVER the sensor didn’t adhear upon application from the device applicator despite following the instructions took Norman a good 10 minutes to unhook the sensor from the applicator so if it had just been me doing it without him around I’d have lost $90.00 all because the sensor didn’t disconnect from the applicator.

Once it was out of the applicator it just won’t stick firm to my arm so have to apply surgical tape until can get sports tape. I’m actually very disappointed that it won’t stay stuck to my skin despite following the instructions using the provided whip and even applying light but firm pressure to the sensor it will not stay stuck on it’s own, which means the advertised 14 days is false in regards to the sensory staying put of its own accord though what the manufacture does when making it.

What is the Freestyle Libre?
It is a glucose monitoring device much like a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) only freestyle totes it as a flash reader as it doesn’t trigger alarms or connect to anything other than it’s own meter to read and it only reads when you press the button on the meter and hold it close to the sensor to get the reading. But one of the up sides is that it actually will store 8 hours of continuous glucose readings so you can in theory only scan every 8 hours and get the graph of the previous 8 hours of what your levels have been.

At least that is my understanding of how it can work from the web site that I’ve read/watch plus what other users on facebook saying about it. I’ll know more after the weekend and the sensor has time to do its thing so can do a better review of it.

Another thing I like is there is software I can download to my comp to get a fully detailed review of my readings would be nice if there was a phone app but at least there’s something plus it also charged via the data port so no need to keep feeding it batteries.

I’m hoping it will be useful information to give to my endo at the end of October so we can maybe figure out how to get my numbers back into range as I’ve been running hyper more then hypo and very little in actual range it feels like (as in when I test I’m seeing a incomplete picture that isn’t matching what my a1c is showing).

Current known downside to it is that there’s no pharmacy that currently carries the sensor and I’m getting mixed information as to if they will or if the sensors will only ever be through Abbott which I hope it comes to the pharmacy since going online to buy it directly isn’t a practical option for me 90% of the time (1 need to have a CC which I don’t have anymore and 2 if a sensor fails in out until they either replace for free or I have enough saved up to be able to afford another sensor).

I’m thinking as much as I like the idea of it, that it likely will not prove to be cost effective long term at this point in time plus it’s not covered under the ODB like test strips are and atm not all private insurances even cover it.

Well I’ll post more shortly take care everyone!



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