Endo Appointment

Well saw my diabetic doc today, it went well enough in general, was a little ticked with his comment that I need to eat less.

He totally didn’t get the concept that I don’t eat a lot as it is because we only have so much funds each month to spend on food and we spend it as wisely as we are able to do so.

Its like he totally has forgotten that being ill, living under high stress and what not means your body is producing hormones that interfere with glucose control in their own fashion, but apparently for what ever reason his medical degree went out the window or something with his comment/thinking today.

Oh well, regardless. I got my blood drawn and it was alright the person who drew my blood left a right old bruse on my arm that will take some time before it leaves.

He was pleased that I have the dexcom, but he really say much there then good that I have it. That and I should have the G6 instead of the G5, well that is up to our ODSP worker if she will allow me to have the G6 or not (it would be with my next order next year (two months from now).

Oh well, post more as time does allow for it take care everyone!



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