#dsma Chat n Reply – Week 3


What experimental protocol would you be willing to try to delay onset or cure diabetes?
There are a number of things I’d be willing to do if it meant D could be delayed or stopped in its tracks before it had a chance to take its hold on my life. But some things I’d just say let the D come and I’ll deal with it as needed.

What are your feelings towards going on insulin for a type 2 and does one wish it was sooner?
My endro had wonted to put me on Insulin sooner then I was ready to be put on it. He wonted to put me onto it a good year before I was forced to go onto it. He said he wonted me on it because I was having trouble getting my A1Cs down and since there where no other meds on the market that I could take that insulin was the answer. I disagreed and asked to see if I could make more changes to my lifestyle, but having an emergency hyster forced his hand on the matter and insulin therapy it was hands down no going back.

I handled going on insulin better then I though I would. I had said I’d never inject myself no matter what, so NOT happening. But in the end, yes its painful, yes I’m still needle phobic but i’ve gotten use to injecting myself every day, just still not use to testing as often as I need to test.

T-1?s and LADA’s, what advice would you give to a T-2 who is transitioning from oral meeds to insulin?
Not a T1 or LADA, next Q

Symlin-IYO (in your opinion from a patients POV) pros and cons?
Never heard of it till the Q was asked so no comment

The AADE session is going on in TX. What message would you like to send them? What is needed?
I don’t even know what the AADE is never mind what it stands for so I have no clue what its about or what message should be sent to them to start with.



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