#dsma Chat n Reply – W29

>Diabetes and Food

Q1. What is the biggest misconception about diabetes and food?
That we can’t have anything to do with “regular” sugar thus all we can have is artificial sweeteners. That or can’t have regular pop can only have diet crap, I mean diet pop.

Q2. What is your favorite bg “friendly” food/dish ?
I love my veggie cakes, not 100% friendly but load it up with a chicken side and the protein helps even it out

Q2.5. what is your favorite food that you love to hate and why?
Corn on the Cob, love it because it tastes so good, hate it because it shoots up my glucose levels

Q3. Are food labels important to you? Do you trust them?
I’ve always read labels, got into the habit when i was younger, and to a degree they are important as it gives me an idea of the contents so I can make an informed choice, as to do I trust the information not 100% but then I take all labels with a grain or two of salt because I know how much manufacturing and processing can change from day to day so nothing is 100% as its stated.

Q4. Does caffeine make your bg’s to spike? Do you bolus for it?
I haven’t noticed it having an issue with them, only thing I do know is that to much sugar added has its effect (though not much if I stick to my 1 tsp per cup).

Q5. Do you subtract fiber from carbs? If so, why or why not?
No, I’ve never understood how its dun, nor has it been something that was ever talked about by the CDA, only really ever heard of it though the ADA so never paid much attention to it.

Q6. What type of experience have you had with sugar alcohols/sugar free food?
Not had great experience with the sugar alcohols in general, they tend to have a negative side effect on me so I tend to avoid them. Sugar free again if it means its using artificial sweeteners I avoid it since I’m allergic to that junk.

Q7. Do you follow a gluten free diet? If, so what does it consist of? Have you noticed any changes in your bgs?
I don’t follow a gluten free diet fully – to a limited degree I do but its like soy hard to avoid less you are making everything at home from scratch in an kitchen free of contamination.

Q8. What advice or insight would you give to a newly diagnosed diabetic about food and diabetes?
Same advice I was given … You can eat everything and anything you wish to eat like before you just have to find the foods which spike you more and once you do those are the foods you watch in moderation (aka eat healthy choices, get in your servings of veggies and the occasional splurge isn’t a bad thing).



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