#dsma Chat n Reply – W26

>Diabetes Conferences

Q1. Have you ever attended a Diabetes Conference? If so, which one? If not, why not?
No, never had the chance to do so. I know there was one in the area that was hosted though UoT but I only learned of it after the fact.

Q2. Did you have a good or bad experience? Would you recommend it to someone else?
No idea can’t comment since I’ve not had the chance to go to one as yet

Q3. What are the elements that would make a confernece great and why?

Q3.5 Do you prefer lectures, q&a, or round table discussions? Why
When it comes to seminars I like the round table deal, but lectures also have their place depending on how much information there is to be talked about. For some things a lecture is best, but not most things that fall to a personal level.

Q4. A lot of people talk about the price of conferences. Are Scholarships or financial assistance avaible?
I’ve never known such to be offered for any conference I’ve been to, though a few do offer discounts for the next one if you volenteer 12 or more hours to the con the next time round you get in free or at a discounted rate. A few if you are willing to lecture and pull other duities you might get free admission for that specific con.

Q4.5: There was a lot of mentions about vendors. Most conferences have a vendor area. How can that part be improved?
Depends on the con, some con have a great vender layout area other’s its so close quarters that you can’t walk around and explore what is on offer – I like having space to be able to walk and being able to talk to the vender in person without getting bumped all the time.

Q5: if you are planning to attend a conference this year, which one? if not, are you planning on a meet-up?
There are no conferances of the D type taking place that I know of in my area, nor are there such meet ups that I know of in my area. But other types of con’s yes, N and I are attending Furnal Equinox 2011.



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