#dsma Chat n Reply – W21

>United Healthcare-NovoLog and Diabetes Clinical Trials

UHC and NovoLog

Q1. UHC raised the cost of NovoLog 250% by lowering the price of Humalog. What are your thoughts?
K to me UHC means Universal Health Care, so I have no idea what it means down in the US. Thus answering this question I really can’t do since up here in Canada our health care system as far as I know doesn’t direct the costing of the drugs. And as far as I know the costing of the humalog that I buy hast gone up in the two years plus that I’ve been on it.

Q1.5 Do you think other INS companies will follow UHC?
This is another question that I haven’t got any idea about so can’t actually answer it on my end as a Canadian.

Q2. Do you think INS Co’s are over stepping their boundaries by dictating the cost of drug vs best treatment for the Pt?
I have no idea since this isn’t an area that I know of effecting me. I know my insurance company doesn’t cover a great deal of my medication but they do not say that I can’t have X because Y is cheaper that would be the government in general that is trying that trick.

Clinical Trials

Q3. What are your thoughts on participating in diabetes clinical trials? Have you ever participated in one?
I’ve tried to get into several clinical trials, however I never meet their needs for the demographic they are using to research with, which is annoying. I’m either to young (most of the cases) or I’ve got a condition which to them effects the results so makes me invalid in being part of the group research. Only ever made it into one clinical trial and that was my the hair of my teeth and it wasn’t for diabetes, but for polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Q4. What info do you search for when looking for a clinical trial? Do you look specifically look for DCT’s you qualify for?
I look to see if I might be a match – but again if they are looking for women who are in menopause well I fit that category but not the age bracket that the category fills, so am not eligible there. I find ones which are asking for though who are T2 and trying to louse weight who are on insulin, yet because of being in menopause I don’t qualify yet I am within the age they are looking for.

Q5: What topics would you like to discuss during #dsma?
Id love to have a DSMA chat that is Canadian centered where more canadian based information could be talked about, since more times then naught for a chat I feel very much left out since a lot of it isn’t applicable to Canadians and how the CDA works, vs how the ADA runs its down for americans.



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