#dsma Chat n Reply – W18

TOPIC: Managing Diabetes during Activities

Q1) How has diabetes affected the activities you do? Have picked up new interests, or stopped pursuing others?
Being diabetic hasn’t changed what activities I do but then again I’ve never not know it as part of my life so its just normal to me in general.

1.5) Are there activities, sports or hobbies that you wish to but haven’t pursued because of diabetes?
There are a few things I’d like to be able to do that I can’t do thanks to being diabetic or I could do but the risks are to high for me to even go there.

2) In what ways has being active helped or hurt your health? Has your a1c been positively affected?
Well I know being active helped me be a good candidate for surgery years ago – had I not been as fit and working out I was told they wouldn’t have looked twice at what was going on and might have delayed the surgery till I was at a more accaptable weight to do it at.

3) What tools, methods or people have helped you manage diabetes care for your activities?
I use SparkPeople for the most part when it comes to recording what I do day in and day out, since they have a great fitness tracker and their food tracker is also helpful for recording what I eat and the carb load in general (though its not 100% diabetic friendly its better then most other tracking methods out there online).

3.5) Do your doctors and medical professionals support or provide encouragement for these activities?

4) What online or offline resources do you use for more information about managing diabetes to help be active?
I keep my eyes pealed on the CDA and the ADA site for information that is coming down to PWD I also read the national newspaper and in general watch the nightly news, plus I pick up ever few months various diabetic mags as I have a chance to do so.



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