#dsma Chat n Reply – W23

>Diabetes and Relationships

Q1.Has diabetes affected your daily relationships/friendships? How has your spouse/friends coped w/ you having diabetes?
In general its not effected things to much because N knew about me being diabetic when we started dating. Though its not always been an easy deal with being active and working, I’ve had a few close calls (closer then I care to admit) that could have been avoided completely if I’d been paying better attention to what was going on, but such if life and learning. I don’t have many friends and I really don’t hang out with people so its not been an issue.

N worries about me, he’s always asking me have I taken my insulin shots when I eat, or asking me what my levels are when I am not feeling great, it might be annoying but I know he does it because he loves me and cares about my health, just as I ask him has he taken his med and what not.

Q2. There are a lot of Adults being dx’d w/ T-1, LADA, T-2, PCOS & Gestational diabetes-How has being dx’d as an adult affected your life?
I knew growing up that I had an increased chance of becoming a diabetic because my mom has type 2, so when I was told I had PCOS I figured that I likely already was IR or Type 2 sure enough 20 days later I got the comfermation on the matter.

As to how it effected my life, it didn’t do much in general – I really didn’t change much in my life because of it to start, I only changed things as I was ready to change them or as my body forced me to change things (as in having the hysterectomy because of the PCOS and thus being forced onto insulin because for what ever reason my pank slowed down doing what it was doing so needed more help).

Q3. I know it’s hard to explain diabetes to an adult but how do you explain diabetes to a child? Mom has diabetes . Dad has diabetes.
When mom was told she was diabetic it never was actually explained to me other then she came home and all the junk food in the house got tossed out, pop was not allowed the house and sugar and other stuff was forbidden for 2 years until her treatment team got it though her head that she was doing more harm to her family then good. I still never got an explination on the matter and it would be years till I’d really learn anything about Diabetes, and it was mostly from reading my mom’s medical books.

Q4. Do you or have you ever hid your diabetes from family members, friends or significant others?
I’ve never thought about hiding it, never seen the reason to do so its part of who I am so its just a natural part of life.

Q5. What is the one thing you would tell someone that is entering a relationship and has diabetes? tips.
The person with diabetes is no different then you are, we just have to watch a few things then you might other wise have to deal with.



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