#DCDE – Sorting Out Artificial Sweeteners

The following Questions are taken From: DiabeticConnect.com – Nov 18th 2014 – Sorting Out Artificial Sweeteners – #DCDE Twitter Chat that took place. I’ve added my own answers to the Questions that where asked, since I wasn’t able to be part of the tweet chat to start with.

Q1 – Why do you think people with diabetes should/shouldn’t use artificial sweeteners?
Personally I don’t think anyone should consume artificial sweeteners to me they are something that NO one needs to put into their body in any way shape or form, plenty of better options out there.

Q2 – How has the recent press affected your use of sweeteners?
No, still don’t think its healthy in any ways shape or form

Q3 – Of all the sweeteners what do you use and why?
Honey is a possible option, but personally Agava Nector (not a great option but workable in a pinch) though more times then naught regular sugar is used because as bad as it might really be its still workable with the less issues.

Q4 – How do you think artificial sweeteners may affect your health?
Ending up in the ER because of being positioned from aspertame is not a good thing on any level – so there is nothing possible about it I know what happens if that stuff gets into me.

Q5 – What do you reach for when you’re craving a sweet treat?
What ever I can trust to know what’s in it (which tends to mean something I’d made myself or gotten from a place that had a reliable ingredient list).



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