#CanDoc Chat – Wintercize

The following Questions where posted in the CanDOC Tweet Chat

1) What activities do you do to stay active in the winter? There are various things in the winter months that I like to do, I enjoy cross country skiing as much as possible (though don’t get to do it as much as I’d like), even a little down hill is nice (though its not something I really enjoy all that much). I also just like going for walks with Norman as long as its not to cold out (as in there is little to no wind chill). Evening sledding is something I enjoy doing as time allows for it (though past few winters we’ve not have much snow to allow for this activity).

2)Do you find your blood sugars are more or less stable in cold weather? I’ve not really looked at my levels for this time of year – my levels are in constant flux that I can’t say if winter is better or worse then the summer months for control.

3)Do you find yourself needing more/less carbs in the winter? Again I can’t say, part of me says less carbs another part says it doesn’t change. What I do know is that I can carb load and eventually my body will tell me that it needs a protein hit of epic deal and I just have to get the protein into me or I just don’t feel right.

4)Do you need to adjust insulin/other medications as the days are shorter? I’m always in flux with my insulin so that isn’t something which changes with the season in general, that is something that changes day to day hour to hour as things happen in my life and day.

5)What is the best part of winter for you? best part? hmmmm not sure really I like the cooler months that is for sure but the cold and snow not so much when it comes to having to get out and about and dealing with people who don’t take care of their property (aka cleaning their side walks, etc). As an over all season I enjoy Yule and spending time with my family as possible to do so.



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