Day 7 – Cymbalta / Duloxetine taper

It was a decent day, did some laundry and dishes, played Minecraft with my Husband and had about an hour or so nap all while listening to General Conference.

Unfortunately the down side of the day is I’ve not been able to eat much, I’ve not felt overly hungry and when I have tried to eat at least protein it has made me very nauseous to the point that I just stop trying to eat, the only thing I’ve actually been able to snack on is Apple, Carrots and Hummus can’t even eat chips.

My glucose levels are still elevated and even taking 20 units of humalog hasn’t brought them under 10 (180), actually hit 20 (360) today for the first time in a LONG while, I don’t have any key tones so that is a good thing but not being able to get myself under the max “safe” number is concerning since its been elevated going on three days now.

If it is still elevated my Monday I’ll put a call into my Diabetic Doc for advice outside of increasing my insulin ratio (which I have to figure out on my own to start with), I’d ask my GP but she had 0 knowledge about my diabetic care and relies on my Endo for that so in this area I’m on my own for getting my numbers back in line (though I am hoping it is just part of the withdrawal and that my numbers will come back to normal soon, running hyper isn’t good and will cause me MORE complications in the long run then I’ve been fighting to prevent for the past 20 odd years of my life by keeping good tight glucose control.

But over all the days been decent for me which I am pleased with.



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