catching up…

Well long time no real personal postings going on…

Dad today took apparent my manual treadmill because it was taking up room in the dining room where the yule/xmas tree goes.

It is now sitting behind my computer in about 5 pieces … and I am hoping like the dickens that when he puts it back together then it will function as it did before he took it apart (like its not meant to me taken apart once its been built … but oh well worse he will have to do is get me a new one).

I am still getting over having Pneumonia, as in I still have it it;t not let me go as yet, even though I’m almost though my 10 day course of antibiotics its not seeming to help as yet, and its been almost three weeks since I fell Ill 🙁

I’m not getting the cardio I once was in thanks to being ill, am getting a little in from doing the stairs and what not, but not as much as I am use to doing. I am also not getting as many calories in to me as I should be, though I am doing pretty good with the carbs 200g or more (cal wise its still hard to hit anything close to 1,200 calories).

On the up side of things I’m starting to be able to drink water again, have managed to be able to drink 36 oz of the stuff without getting stick to my tummy over it, which is a good thing. It does mean that my bodies started to heal I do feel since hay I’ve not been able to drink standard water for almost three weeks, so now that I can something within my body must be chaning for the better.

Well take care everyone



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