Blood Draw

Medical Appointment

I am very much used to deal with one specific LifeLab clinic and how their staff treats Norman and me with Storm and Payton. It has been a good 5+ years since we had been to this lab, the last time was when he still had Dendar as his Neurologist.

It wasn’t all bad, but it was not what either of us was expecting (neither of us had been there with either of our service dogs before, so that was new territory for us), we got shown into a private room, instead of waiting out in the waiting room with everyone else. It was semi strange, though maybe not since we where together, yet there was a parent with their child in the waiting room waiting their turn.

I did notice that when the person at the desk saw our service dogs, they exchanged words with the other person at the registration desk (no idea what was said, I couldn’t hear them, but based off of gestures and both looking at us, I assume they were asking each other what to do with us, so to speak). It wasn’t a bad thing to be moved into a room away from everyone we seemed to get seen faster as when we finished the two people before Us was still sitting there waiting their turn and there were three more people who came in after us also waiting their turn. For the record there didn’t seem to be lacking in staff, I counted what appeared to be at least five blood draw techs, of which it seemed only one of them was willing to even come into the room we where put into (so I assume that she was the one who didn’t have an issue with dogs).

I knew I had to have a LOT of blood drawn (once again I forgot to scan or take a pic of the form) 8 vials there drawn, on the paperwork was tests potassium, sodium, full pannel for my thyroid, standard A1C request non-fasting, ANA, I know there were tests for other things also. It is just a matter of waiting for the results to be posted to their site before I can see what the results are and then hear back from my GP as to the findings.

I know I can see the results, but only my GP can say if something is off, based on previous reports vs. current reports.

Sighs, well post more as time passes.



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