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Well its been a good year since I have actively used SP on a daily basis to track.

Yes I have been tracking the past year, but not on a daily basis, and no where near what I was doing back in 2008 let alone 2007.

My weight loss was not as I’d have liked it to be last year – total of 4 pounds lost for the year. Would I have lost more had I been tracking it daily? Not likely no, would I have had more of a loss at all had I tracked more? again that answer is not likely. The only thing tracking last year would have dun would have been to have a better idea of my Blood Glucose levels when eating, since when I track I am reminded to test at the same time.

So that I why I am getting back into tracking I need for my own health sake to get my Blood Glucose levels back into level – running in the low teens is not good at all, I need my A1C to be under 9 when I see my Endro in a months time. I do not wont him to have to increase my dosage of insulin if it can be helped, its bad enough having to take it with every meal, plus one at night I don’t wont him adding so I have to take it every time I have a snack as well.

I’ve actually set up a Excel Spread Sheet to help me track off SP my Cals In, carbs, Fat, Protein, Steps, Acrobatic Steps, Cals Out, and Distance … but I am still trying to get a sheet up to track my Blood Glucose levels and then for it to automatically average them out at the end of the week and month (which is proving harder to figure out then I first thought it would be to do).

Well post more as time happens, take care everyone!



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