3 Weeks of Indulgence

Well its been a great last month, from the 9th till the 30th was one day after another of one indulgence or another, and I mean it .. at least one meal out of three was take out of some sort, if not two of them (mostly chinese food, but some other stuff as well).

Yet for all the food I ate I’ve gained nothing what so ever, not a single pound or ounce according to my scales I’m the same weight I was before Norman arrived .. grins

I wasn’t even watching what I was eating at all, was eating at baskin robins at least twice a week (but splitting what ever it was he got between the two of us – they had a lovely dairy free mint ice). Most of the meals we ate we’ve split between us, mostly because of the amount of food served (not all of it has been split, but a good portion of it was expacally while at the falls).

It is funny how, one who says that they have a large appetite can have it shrink when they get 3 squares a day. When Norman first got here, he could eat a horse, by time we got to the falls, he was down to eating at my level almost (could still eat more then me, but not by much). He actually managed to gain 10 pounds during the 3 weeks here that his doc’s wonted him to gain!)

Oh well for all that I was eating (close to 3,000 cals a day – there is no weight gain, though I am sure the walking we did is the reason why in part [averaged 5 miles a day of walking – total miles for the three weeks was close to 200 miles walked])

Well take care everyone



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