Site workings and more

Well things have been progressing though maybe not as far or fast as I might like, but things are progressing nun the less. Right now I am trying to put together a theme that will work for this site, much like the one I had up last year but wasn’t upgraded with the WP updates thus no longer works and there is no support for it as the author has stopped production on it (though does have a paid version that I might go for, not sure yet).

One might think with all the free themes out there that something would catch my attention and work for me as I am thinking I need it to work, but that isn’t the case I’ve found several that looked like they might fit the bill but when put to the test (loaded and configured) they didn’t past the test and in a few cases the hour plus working on them was more a waste of time then anything productive.

On top of this I am working on revamping my business site making it more dynamic instead of fully static, similar to what I did with my portfolio site only a bit more integrated which means I am thinking about making it another WP based site instead of basic HTML 5 with CSS, but like a lot of things unless I can find the right theme I’ll be sticking with good old HTML with CSS (for all I’m rusty with my CSS and HTML 5 coding [yes basic original html i’m good with still but the new stuff i’m rusty on] I can at least work with it to various degrees to get what it is I am looking for – within reason).

Regarding outside of this site, I’m back at the school photography as I indicated in a earlier posting, so ya that does eat into my time working on the sites and posts for that matter, but its that time of season so its expected. I’m hoping to get take on for more then the fall season, but like a lot of things that may or may not happen depending on what they need for the winter/spring season (and if they are taking new staff since they have a good assortment already for that area).

I’ve got the seasonal cold which means its with me till when ever I stop working with the kiddies, not fun but its how it goes for me (got to love a compromised immune system to various degrees), was hoping that I’d found the key to not getting ill this season but apparently the upped intake of D and C vitamins plus a few other’s wasn’t enough to prevent the cold setting in (though its not taken full hold as yet, so maybe the extra vitamins are helping, I can only hope).

Well take care everyone, post as time does allow for it, take care.



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