To Much Helping Other Not Enough In Country Help

Well I must admit that I am starting to really get miffed with the TV and commercials that are currently being played because of tomorrow. I don’t mind giving monies when i have to them those who need it, but I 100% object to helping those in other countries before being able to help those who live in my own Country to start with.

We have children living in third and forth world conditions right here in Canada, and even right here in Ontario, and even here in Toronto, I much rather help those within my own country then someone in another country – yes they deserver to be helped, but you know what? Those in my own country deserve the same help, and don’t tell me the government or province is helping cause they are not – the people are falling though the cracks and their children who are the future of this country are not getting the help that they need to live and survive.

There have been a number of articles in the Star of late, in regards to the conditions on several of the reserves here in Ontario, which are under a Boil Water decree – yet until the Star did an article on the matter I am sure very few people even new this was happening, and until the Star brought it to the attention of the public I’m sure even fewer new the social and ecomonic conditions many of these people where living under – it is sad to say but I feel its true, if this was a general community within Ontario, that was not native things would have been different – which is a sad thing to say about the local government and the canadian government in general.

In a few articles today in the Sunday Star it is hard to read some of them, but read all the articles that have been posted I am – and I grow upset reading them and feeling helpless to help them. I can’t stand to know that there are those within my country who need help, and yes they might be getting it now, but what about the rest who haven’t gotten it? Sighs so much crap going on, its just not a great feeling.

The following are the article printed to date in regards to what has been happening to some of the Native People here in Ontario (some articles you might need to sign into the Star to read [become a member its free])…
* Voices: ‘Shameful situation’
* Editorial: Joblessness at root (Oct. 30)
* Martin’s native agenda (Oct. 28)
* $11 hotdogs (Oct. 28)
* Urquhart: Province failed (Oct. 27)
* Water sub-standard (Oct. 27)
* McGuinty lashes Ottawa (Oct. 27)
* Editorial: Inexcusable neglect (Oct. 27)
* Residents demand respect (Oct. 26)
* Deadly E. coli found (Oct. 25)

Sighs reading these articles I don’t know who wound’t be upset – K I know of a few, but any feeling person with a heart and a passion for life knows that everyone deserves to live in as safe environment as is possible, and what these people are living is – well its not safe nor healthy, yet they had no choice but stay since from what I have come to understand leaving wasn’t much of an option for various reasons.

Well this is getting me miffed, take care everyone.



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