Snow, Snow and apparently more Snow

Well looks like its hit us early this year, K hit many in Ontario and around the area including the US … but we in Toronto really didn’t get anything though we did get the freaking cold winds and freezing rain.

At the moment from what i can tell from Environment Canada, the Niagara region is under a snow warning as is as are the Muskokas region on Ontario, the rest of Ontario just appears to be watching and waiting.

And unfortunately it does appear that the weather has killed three people in the US, two apparently in traffic accidents and one apparently got hit by a tree limb while shoveling snow.

I must admit that seeing snow this early is not pleasent, and makes me think that if where getting it this early what else are we going to see this winter? As in what troubles is the weather going to heap upon us that we will not be prepaired for.

Oh well for some the snow will mean the start of winter time fun, and for others it will mean just getting up earler and getting out there and putting up with the weather as best possible.

Such is the life of those of us who live here in North America, or at least Canada and the upper US that is.

Take care everyone



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