SARA Back In The News

Well it does appear that the ontario government might be in for a suit, filed on behalf of those who suffered from SARS back in 2003. According to the Toronto Star, in an article entitled “Ontario must answer to SARA victims: Judge”, apparently according to the star, “Superior Court justice allows class-action suits to proceed – nurses, victims seek more then $6000 million from province” … Well I hope they win, I was here in Toronto, when SARS was going around, I was teaching at my local collage at the time, and going to school was alright for me since I drive, but many of the students took the TTC and there where stories of people getting off the bus is someone sneezed or coughed.

I also just watched a few nights ago, the made for TV movie “Plague City: SARS in Toronto” produced by CTV. If even half the info that was in the movie, was true the provincial government deserves to get it, though I don’t really wish to foot the bill in my sex taxes, but still they should be held responsible for their actions that might well have caused a hell of a lot more harm in the long run then what they saw at the time. If the film was right and they put tourist dollars before the health of the people, then I am pissed that they did so (and you know what I actually do believe that they would so that – since Toronto does bring in a hell of a lot of tourist cash – at least last I heard it did).

As I said it will be interesting to read the paper and see what comes of this suit, and any other information that comes out of it for that matter.

I do so hope like the TV movie stated that when the next one hits, that the City and the Provence is a hell of a lore more prepared then they apparently where when SARS struck.

Well take care everyone.



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