Same-sex marriage bill must stand, majority say

Same-sex marriage bill must stand, majority say
In wake of Tory vow to repeal legislation, poll suggests 55 per cent want it untouched
Monday, July 18, 2005 Updated at 5:43 AM EDT
From Monday’s Globe and Mail

Ottawa — Canadians do not want their political leaders to undo historic legislation allowing gays to legally marry in the wake of a pledge from the Conservatives that they would do just that if elected.

In a new poll conducted for The Globe and Mail/CTV, 55 per cent of Canadians surveyed say the next government should let same-sex legislation stand, while 39 per cent would like to see an attempt made to repeal it. A further 6 per cent said they did not know.

The results appear to bolster Prime Minister Paul Martin’s remarks two weeks ago that Canadians do not want to revisit the issue, despite a promise by Conservative Leader Stephen Harper that he would rescind the law if he becomes prime minister in an election expected next winter. …

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Well it does appear that its in the news again and well there does appear to be a good number of articles in the Globe and mail about the same sex marriage deal which is interesting to read though.

I personally hope that the law gets full support and gets fully passed and that non-withstanding clause or what ever its called doesn’t get called on, that would be a major disaster in my personal opinion.

It does sadden me though to see that there are those in this society who see the legalization of same-sex marriage to be wrong then again those same people tend not to be that open minded as they might well clam to be on other issues, such as religion.

Oh well time will tell what does happen, and I for one am on the side of let it pass into law and give everyone their right to have a partner of their choosing within the legal laws of the land.

take care everyone,



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