Police in the high schools ….

Well its been a long time in coming, but its finally in the works it does appear .. and am just glad that I am so OUT of the school system now to have to even deal with it (as bad enough when I was in high school to start with).

I know many people will be up i arms over this happening, but hello its a sign of the times. The schools have gotten worse and worse over the years that they are not as safe as they once where. Will having a cop in school help? it didn’t at my high school, stuff just took place off school property instead, so the cops could do nothing about it till they learned of it at a later date.

Do I think that this will stop school violence? not a chance
Do I think it will solve the issues in the school system? not a chance
Do I think its a good idea? it has its place, but I blame the parents of the students for the way they bring them up or lack there of when it come to their negative and destructive behavior.

I do not there there is one single solution to the mess that teh schol system is in with violance and what not, but I do know that it starts in the home from a early age, and that many parents do not have the skills to bring up children as they did in the past. This is not said for everyone, but from what I have seen it apply to a number of ppl.

* Police to set up in city schools
* Police in schools will be armed, Blair says



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