Pets Not Left Behind!!

Well I am pleased to see that the Pets are not being left behind, at least that is how it does appear from the news clip I watched on CTV at 6pm.

From what I have seen, it does appear that many people tried not to leave their pets, but in the end many felt they had no choice, and then there where those who refused to go any where without their pet, regardless of what would happen to them, they would not leave their family member behind.

Well it does appear from the news report that I was watching that those pets who some had to leave behind are now in the care of the SPCA for Baton Rouge, which is great, that means there is the chance that those who left them behind will have a chance to find their lost family member again!

I am pleased to see that the family members who haven’t got a voice to speak for themselves are being taken care of, and that they will find their family members again (at least I hope they all do). Already several people have apparently been reunited with their lost family member, in many cases their only family member that they have.

I know how many of those people feel about leaving their family member behind, I would try my hardest not to do that to my dog or my birds if I would well help it. They are very important to me, but so is my family. Its hard to put it into words, but a family pet is someone who is there regardless of what your feeling, is there when your sad, when you upset, is just there and loves you regardless of they kind of day you’d had. That is the type of love that is hard to find else where in many cases, and its something that I find most comforting to have.


In other news it does appear that the coverage of the Gulf Coast is starting to slow down, and is starting to take up less and less air time, as the time passes. This is normal, and not surprising that its starting to happen since the world does move on. I also know that you can’t sustain a long run of showing what is going on with views, and in time its time to only give updates, because views are tried of watching the stuff on the news, and are looking for different information etc.

I know that a couple of the US networks are still giving coverage of the events down on the Gulf Cost, such as CNN and FoxNews, but other news stations that I know of are starting to slow their coverage, and other events are taking the place of the gulf cost event. Even the news papers are giving less coverage to the gulf cost, its still there, but its not taking up the same space in the news paper as it once did.

It is kind of interesting to see how the news covers an event and how fast things start to fad from view once the major part has passed, and only the “minor” parts remain which are less interesting to apparently watch, and know about. As the coverage lessons, it might be hard to find out what is happening down there, though it will not disappear from the news 100% since the area is still of interest to many for various reasons.

Learning that there are those who are taking people into their homes, is nice to hear, but what will the news say about those who took people into their homes in a weeks time or a months time? I know that you can take someone into your home for a while and it is alright, but after what ever length of time passes, it doesn’t work as it once had. Things start to change, and in some cases the people become resentful of the choice they made, and those who they helped. Do I think this will happen? Yes, it will happen, not for everyone, but there will be those who will resent their corse of action to help, for various reasons such as finances, or lack there of.

I hope the those who have been displaced find lodging that works for them, regardless of where it is in the US. I also hope that all of them are able to get work (those that are capable of working that is), and that the children find the right education that is right for them (the special needs students I am sure will be left behind to various degrees because of lack of understanding, finances and what have you – but I can hope that they are not left behind in any manner).

I will admit that I have been watching the news as much as it is on in regards to the gulf cost and to tell the truth it is starting to get repetitive, all the blaming, all the pointing of fingers, etc it is getting tiring to listen to it. Also when the news feeds come on, it does look like the feed is from a third world country, at least at first till the name of the place appears on screen and the announcer/reporter starts to speak.

Well I don’t know if i’ll be commenting further on the events down south, likely to varous degrees, but for me I’m tired of the US and I want to hear more about what Canada is doing to help, info which is not as easy to find or hear, but if out there.

Take care everyone,



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