ouch he did get in …. not good

Well it does appear that that Oboma got in, over the old bloke.

I am not pleased, then again to me neither of them from what I saw was worth it – one throwing around funds like candy the other luck lacking period.

I know the US hasn’t got much going for it when it comes to election choices only have two parties, but still.

Well I am 100% glad its over with, now I can stop getting all the crap in my inbox and all the crap filling my accounts in relation to the elections that I had no interest in what so ever – aka I don’t send out notices to people about who I am voting for encouraging them to do the same, thus I do NOT like getting such crap from others.

Oh well one can hope that this time around the US public didn’t elect yet another nit twit – but since the bloke appears to have little info on Canada to start with it seems that this is the case.

* US Election news



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