Ontario Elections…

Sighs and growls at all the stuff that is happening with this election business that is driving many of us up the wall so to speak.

I don’t know about anyone else, but if you wish to follow what is going on you can read what has been written in the Toronto Star by its various reporters who are covering this deal to various degrees.

You can also see who is in your riding in your area by looking at the Toronto Star Google Map and clicking on your area, which will bring up on a new page the information on your area.

There is so much clap trap being reported on over the idea of giving funds to existing religious schools, all because the catholic board already gets public funds to run. Sighs and growls at an out dated system (at least it seems that way to me). One of the deals which the “Torys” are sitting their election bid on seem to be the Religious School factor (k that is how it seems to many including me, no idea if that is in truth how it is, but its how it appears from my point of view). They also seem to still wish to pull back the clock on health care, education in general, and women’s rights. This is so NOT the party that I’d even think about putting a vote up for, there are those out there who would which is their choice, but by the lady I hope this party doesn’t get that many votes this time round.

This is my comment in relation to the article published in the star entitled “Voters divided on faith-based school funding” … Divided many might be, me I’m just 100% against funding of any sort going towards any religious education system. If you want it for your children, then you pay for it out of your own pocket and leave mine alone for the Public School system the lady knows it needs after all the cuts that have already happened to it over the years.

Then there is the Liberals, again not the best of the parties out there to get into bed with, but then again what party really is when all is said and dun. I don’t know much about what the Liberals are planning, since well they haven’t made much impact on the news from my point of view but from their site, their platform seems to say that their goals are “Moving Forward Together

“For the first time in a long time, Ontario is moving forward together. Our plan is working.

But Ontario is about more than appreciating how far we’ve come. It’s about seeing how much further we can go. Our province is about realizing our true potential – as individuals, and as families and businesses.

We’ve come a long way. But we have much more to do. And I know we can do it the same way we’ve moved forward these past four years – by working and building and dreaming together,

Dalton McGuinty,
Premier of Ontario
Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party”

Hmmmm ummmmm what plan is that? moving forward? we are? news to me, we seem to be moving backwards from what I’ve seen. K where’s the content there, seem likes a load of nonsense to me with no backup information (nor can i really find any on the site for that matter in relation to that statement – yes there is a PDF but again it says next to nothing that I can tell a lot of “we will, do this… we will, do that… going on but nothing that they can’t back out of in the wording that is there from what I can see).

Sighs this elections business is more along the lines of electing who you think will do less damage then the other if elected, which is so NOT the way to run a Provence never mind a country, but it does seem to be how elections are run. Which is really really really sad in my personal opinion of the matter, and how I see things, which I know is not now others do, but then again everyone is different in how they see things.

According to the Star, at this point in time the Liberals are in the lead over the Conservatives in a poll that was conducted. According to the Star “The poll also suggests the Liberals have managed to take better control of the agenda than have the Conservatives under Tory.” but like everything things can change when it comes down to the voting public at large (one can only hope that the liberals get the deal over the PCs in Ontario).

The NDP, now they might not be great in general but they have a better track record at times then the other two parties listed above, or at least it does appear that way when one looks at their past, and in out of office (that that they have much experience in office). The NDPs platform is based on “Ontario’s NDP is the party that puts working families first. That commitment is emphasized by our agenda of standing up for ordinary Ontarians, and putting forward positive solutions that meet their needs in their everyday lives. We’re the party that unites Ontario’s progressive people and organizations. And we’re the party you can trust to stand up for you and your family.” with the party working towards the following “Better Health Care, Affordable Education, Clean Green Energy, Job Protection, Fair Property Taxes, Pump Shock, Fairness for New Ontarians, Help for the Vulnerable”

Well everything seems to be in order for what they are hoping to do … it just seems a little wide that there is next to no way that they can meet what they say they are going to do, more like what they are hoping to do would be the better deal to be said I do think.

The other parties in this election deal are the “Green”, the “Family Coalition”, the “Freedom Party of Ontario”, the “Ontario Liberation Party”, and the ever present “Communist Party” each of them have a party platform (click on the party to view their platform information) to which they are hoping will get people to vote for them, each of them has a remote chance of getting a seat in parliament.

Well take care everyone, will write more as time does pass



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