Games I’m Playing

Well, I have been playing various games, and well guess it is time to either make a regular post about what games I am officially playing that I am going to stream also, or at least what games I am playing that might have the potential to be streamed, not sure which it is right now but here goes nothing…

Minecraft (Bedrock – Beta Edition)
Farm Together
Sims 4
Cities Skyline (Mayors Edition)
Two Point Hospital (Deluxe Edition)
TT Isle of Man
TT Isle of Man 2
Fishing Planet

Cities Skylines
Garden Paws
Farming World
Fallout Shelter
Big Farm Story
Two Point Hospital
The Sims 4

The Sims 4
The Sims 3

OCULUS (can’t stream from)
Beat Saber

Idle Miner
Merge Farm
Fallout Shelter

SWITCH (will not stream from)
Farm Together



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