80’s Cartoons Intro Overload! Part 4

Voltron – oh ya, this is a show that I use to watch as much as I was able to do so, but unfortunalty it was on a channel that never did come in right, so didn’t get to watch it as Id have liked, would love to get it when it comes out on DVD, big time.

Jem – I remember this being on tv as well, but I never got into it, it just didn’t appeal to me

The Mysterious Cities of Gold – never heard of this show

Super Mario Bros Super Show – I remember this show, but I didn’t watch it .. the first ep turned me off that and the music just ticked me off, am so NOT into rap crap.

Challanges of the Go Bots – I remember this show to a degree, as far as it goes that I myself had a few of the toys, but thats about it I don’t remember the TV itself.

Spider-Man & Friends – I remember watching this show when I was at my grandmothers place, which means I got to watch a couple of eps.

Muppet Babbies – Oh ya I remember watching this show, chuckles it was another one that I enjoyed watching, I would actually get it if it was to come out to DVD

My Little Ponies – man that is a blast from the past, I remember watching that show like crazy and having several ponies myself to play with.

The Raccoons – chuckles now this show I still do watch since my folks got me a few eps of it way back when on VHS, but would love it if it came out on DVD.

Dogtanian – never heard of this show



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