80’s Cartoons Intro Overload! Part 3

Ulysses – i don’t remember this show being on tv, which makes me think it was on one of those channels that I was not able to access back then, such as YTV.

Pole Position – I have the game for my Atari 6400, but I never watched the tv show because I didn’t even know it existed, thus again another show that wasn’t on any channel I had access to.

Gummie Bears – chuckles i just got seasons 1 to 3 on DVD a few days ago … I remmeber watching this show big time saturday mornings I think it was part of the saterday morning catroom bash.

Roobare and Custard – never heard of this show at all

Count Duckula – another show that I never even heard of

G.I. Joe: Action Force – K i never watched this version of it, didn’t even know it was out there, only new of the orginal version.

Denver, The Last Dinosaur – on ya i remember watching this show, big time

Silver hawks – I remember this show, but I don’t remember being able to watch it often since it was another show that was only on YTV at the time i think it was (saw it a couple times at my grandmothers place)

Heathcliff – chuckles this is a show I use to watch every morning before heading off to school … i was late getting out the door a few times because of this show (though never late to get to school)



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