This Time

Stop AbuseThis Time
by: Bethany Scaggs ©2007
Writtin for battered women everywhere

You told me you loved me,
I guess you must have lied.

If you would have loved me,
You wouldn’t have made me cry.

You slammed me up against the wall,
With your hands around my throat.

So tight I couldn’t breathe,
You watched me turn blue.

Then let go and screamed at me,
As I try to struggle to get up.

You slammed me back down,
Hands back around my throat.

This time you didn’t let go,
Everything went dark around me.

I woke up on the floor,
To see you in hand cuffs.

This time you got to loud,
This time you went to far.

Now your spending time in jail,
Getting slammed against the bars.



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