Peeks of Interest

Here is a listing of Books, DVDs, and much more that have peeked my interest over the years. Where possible I have also added a link to it on Amazon plus a link to my review of it within my blog if I have dun such a review (many I … Continue reading

Tweets for February 2009

well just got up from sleeping still not feeling 100% – my back is yelling at me to get out of bed for a short time, so though I’d go online # FreeStyle Freedom Lite = my new meter # Identifying Yourself As A Lesbian Gets You… # … Continue reading

Tweets for December 2008

well have spent a good potion of the day with Norman going though a new wedding book called weddingstar – its a catalog of wedding items # well the weddingstar site is a little complicated to go though, but in general its not bad – its already given us an … Continue reading

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