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30 Days of Diabetes – Day 4

Day 4 of the 30 Days of Diabetes, todays questions is Do you know any other diabetics? (both online and IRL)

Yes – My mom was a diabetic, but about about 6 or so years ago she was classed as not being diabetic any longer (where still not sure how, but apparently her body is now working as it should and producing and using insulin as it should). I also know several diabetics online and one of Norman’s sisters is a type 2 diabetic.

You’ll Change Your Mind…

As I sit here drinking my second cup of coffee, going though various childfree sites and watching my various twitter feeds with the TV going and Norman at my side on his computer (playing on facebook and chatting with friends).

I’m thinking various random thoughts, one of them is how much more laundry I still need to do and regretting not doing the dishes as soon as they needed doing so now have piled up enough that well its taken three or four times as long to do them as it should – oh well that’s what one gets when one gets busy and doesn’t do thing right away, you pay the price with less free time open to you to do things you wish or other wise feel you need to do (like go to the pharmacy and pick up your medications).

Which leads me into thinking about other topics and the one that has been on my mind or rather I’ve been hearing a lot of late (though twitter, facebook and other sources) “You’ll change your mind…” weather the commend if from those who can’t understand why someone with PCOS would not wish to have children or be it from those who can’t understand why I’ve not converted to Norman’s religion that he was raised in to some other topic at hand, there is a lot of comments going on with the “You’ll Change Your Mind” going on around me of late.

Now I can understand why someone might ask such a question, because I’ve said a few times the same deal under various topic headings – now it makes me thing why did I say it and when I hear it my own response to the comment. I’ve said it under the terms of “you’ll change your mind, when your older” in regards to someone who said that they will never find the right person to be with, yet hearing that from a 16 just makes me think that they are young and thus haven’t meet enough people yet to make such a statement in a lasting deal, yet who am I to say that when I had people when I was that age telling me that I’ll change my mind when it comes to not wishing to have children.

But I can also say that said person hasn’t found their one as yet, but nor has she dated since she got serious about her education and is looking to get her education before she starts the dating world, but now she agrees that with time she will find the right person for her once she is ready to do so, since she does wish to have that “ideal family” deal going on.

But I still think about my own what ifs, if N could have fathered children would I still be as strong on my stance to be childfree as I am? If I would still have a child of my body and N could give me that child would I have gone to the lengths I did in the past to make sure it didn’t happen. I have no answer to those questions because the past is the past and one of the reasons I chose to date N to start with is because he wished to be Childfree, but at the same time I do still wonder if I had meet him early on in my life (before getting raped, before the miscarriage, etc) would I have put aside my wish to be childfree in let nature takes its course if it was meant to be.

But its the past, I can’t undo what has been dun. But I do think that even if I had meet him early on that I would still have kept my childfree status and wish. In part because I’ve never had that maternal side when it comes to children, I can get along with them for short periods of time, but at the end of the day I do have to give them back because I just can’t do the 24/7 deal with them. Though it still is part of my life of “what ifs” because well its something I just wonder about – but see no need to worry about or invest in because its just a quoristy not a driving need.

Thus all those comments of “you’ll change your mind” or “wait till when you are older” I have said and I still get told. But I also know that I fall into the general world out there of expecting another female or male to become a parent, even if I am not interest or like the idea, its still something that I expect to happen because its the so called norm and am always pleasantly surprised to hear and meet someone else who has made the choice to be childfree for what ever reason is their own.

30 Days Asexuality Challenge – Day 20

10 days left in the 30 Days of Asexuality Challenge, this is Day 20, so today I am to answer the question Tell us about your partner(s). If you are not in a relationship, tell us about your best friend(s).

Well as anyone who has been reading and following my blog (or know be from twitter or facebook) for the past few years will know I am Married to my soul mate, Norman. We’ve been a solid couple since the middle of 2008 though before that we knew each other but it wasn’t till May 2008 that things got serious between us, before that it was still the early stages of “dating” and getting to know about each other (likes, dislikes, interests, etc).

When it comes to Norman or N as I tend to call him on Twitter or Facebook (mostly because its saves space), he is the other half of my soul in many ways that I just can’t explain. He is there when I need him and he just fits right into my life from the get go. There never was that moment in time when he moved in that I felt off or what have you he just sort of was always there type feeling.

The question that many girls ask their mom’s “when will I know I’m in love?” I didn’t have to ask because I knew the answer without asking it because it didn’t have to be asked because I know I am in love with him to the core of my being.

We have much in common, we’re both furs, both kinked, both into learning, both into traveling, both childfree and the list goes on.

30 Days Asexuality Challenge – Day 17

Its Day 17 of the 30 Days of Asexuality Challenge, thus today I am to answer the question Your favorite “asexual” movie.

To me most movies are of the asexual nature because I don’t watch a lot of movies that are of the XXX nature. Take the movie Norman and I watched this morning called “Exit to Eden” its R rated because of the on screen simulated sex and out right nudity yet those scenes didn’t take away from the movie and how they where shown just made it more comical then sexual to either of us.

When it comes down to it for the movie itself we both agreed that it was a great Semi-Kinky Comedy and a movie that we both would like to add to our collection should we find the movie one day.

So I know for most that this movie doesn’t come under the asexual area but for it me it does because of 1 it being an actual comedy 2 it wasn’t an XXX flick so any sex or the like is always of the simulated nature and thus alway rather funny to watch when you listen to the music that tends to be played when it takes place.

Oh well, you wont fully non-sexual stuff watch Disney or the like other wise any movie can have sexual undertones or what have you going on.

30 Days Asexuality Challenge – Day 4

Its now on to Day 4 of the 30 Days of Asexuality Challenge and today I am to answer the following question Do you identify as a part of the queer community? What communities do you identify with?

I identify with several different communities for various reasons.

I identify with being part of the furry community because both Norman and I consider ourselves to be furs maybe not as drastic as some out there but yes we do wear fursuits and we do help out within our local fur community with events, cons and the like.

I identify with being part of the kink community for various reasons one of them being that both Norman and I enjoy some light bondage, spanking and a some other kinky things that in general is frowned upon within society in general but which to us is just part of our lives and has nothing wrong with it between two consenting adults.

I identify with being part of the pagan community because I am pagan and I feel a connection to others within the pagan community in general, I have been a member of my local pagan community for many years helping with events, meet-ups and even being a guest lecturer for a couple cons and meets.

I also identify with being part of the queer community because its one of the first communities that I actually got active in while still in high school, though over the years I’ve not been very active within the community as I once was I still feel part of it to various degrees.

30 Days Asexuality Challenge – Day 2

Its now Day 2 of the 30 Days of Asexuality Challenge and today the question I am to answer is Are you out? To whom?.

I’m out as any “straight” person is out so to speak, I do not go around telling every one I meet that I am asexual because it just isn’t necessary to do so. But those who know me who are my friends they know that I am asexual even if they do not believe it. I told Norman shortly after we got introduced to each other that I am an asexual, he didn’t have an issue with it but he didn’t exactly understand it either and hasn’t really made an effort to try to understand it, but I love him regardless it just is frustrating at times.

Most profiles that I have online that ask for orientation I put asexual, though many do not offer that option, which is very much annoying to say the least, but where possible on such profiles I do have it listed/mentioned.

30 Days Asexuality Challenge – Day 1

Well its Day 1 of the 30 Days of Asexuality Challenge and today’s question that I am to answer is What is your romantic/sexual orientation?

Well its hard to answer this for various reasons since I am married to Norman and he’s not exactly what you would call 100% male since he was born interesexed, and though he looks male he can pass for female under the right circumstances.

I fell in love with Norman for what is between his ears an din his heart not for what is between or not between his legs. I don’t see him as male anymore then being female to me he is who he is and I only use the term “him/he” because that is the gender term that his outwards appearance day to day is.

I can’t say what my romantic or sexual attraction is because I don’t have a romantic attraction to either gender and I don’t have sexual attract or interest in either gender, for all I have dated and been with both neither gender holds an appeal over the other, for me its always been the person that counted over their gender that really mattered to me.

30 Days of Music – Day 23

Well its getting closer to the end of the month and well today is Day 23 of the 30 Days of Music, today I am to post a song that you want to play at your wedding. Easy enough since I still have the play list from our wedding, but the one song that we had hoped would get played but never did was the “Father/Daughter” number which was going to be Butterfly Kisses but it never happened, as it was I nearly didn’t catch a dance with Norman that I never got that chance to have that dance with my dad and it was his fondest wish to do so (as it was the dance I caught with norman happened to be when the group we hired was doing the song “Mummers Dance” – I caught him up on the floor and we “stole” a dance with each other).

30 Days of Music – Day 18

Well it is getting on in the 30 Days of Music it is now day 18 and today I am to post a song that you wish you heard on the radio, like that is an easy thing to do since there are many songs out there that I enjoy listening to that I’ve never heard on the radio nor do I think they have ever been played on the radio (at least in Canada can’t say for other countries).

One of the songs that both Norman and I enjoy listening to that is rather catchy and keeps coming back into our minds when we hear the original version is “The Government Can” by TIm Hawkins, it is a hoot to listen to and the video as you will see is almost as good as just listening to it, thus to me this would make one of those interesting songs to hear over the radio.

One last step

Well as many of you who have been following me might have guessed something is taking place next week .. well here it is Norman has gotten his status and we’re in the process of getting things together to go and get the rest of his stuff and bring it home.

We just got the notice last week, that he’s been approved and we very happy that we finally will be able to start living as a married couple should be able to live. He can now start looking for work, he can now apply for OHIP and oh so many other things that until now he’s not been allowed to do.

We are hoping that his pup Ozzy will be able to make the trip back up with us, but it all depends on what the vet says about her doing so at her age and current health. As in if it will be to stressful for her to make the trip up then he’s going to have to let her stay where she is and live out her life there with the in laws, who have agreed to take her on full time should that be the best call to do so. It would really break his heart to have to do it as he’s really missed her a lot, but he wont’s the best for her as he can give her so well know shortly what her status is.

We have called a moving company, but we will not know till to blasted close to the day we have to come back as to if they can or will move him stuff since there isn’t much that needs to be moved – he’s got about a bedrooms worth of stuff to move since he’s only ever lived in a bach apt and much of the stuff stays with the place, save for what he’s paid for (extra freezer, TV, Stereo, etc), so no need to transport a bed, stove, dressers, couch or the like. Sighs I hope they will move him because we’ve not been able to find another company that we trust enough to do so that has experience moving people from one country to another and I do NOT relish having to drive a van or truck from where he grew up to where we are now.

Oh well, will post more as time allows for it till then take care everyone!