Dance Club Manager

Well its finally taken place, I’ve finally gotten to become a Manager at one of the club’s I’ve been working at. I am still a dancer there, but I also now have Manager duties, which is cool.

I pulled my first shift as a Manager on Friday December 14th 2007, and of course my first shift as a Manager turned out to be a two hour shift and not the average 90 minutes … seems all my firsts for the club have been thus far two hour deals, oh well not a problem.

I’ll also admit that it does take a little more out of one to pull Manager shifts at this point in time then pulling a standard Dancer shift. I pulled a shift that lasted 3.5 hours this day past and it left like I’d actually pulled 5 solid hours. It was a really strange feeling to say the least, but I’d not give up being a Manager for those reasons since I am sure that as time progresses that things change and you get use to what is going on (if not no wonder they have such a high manager turn over or something to that effect).

Well I am pleased nun the less to finally have gotten a position as a manger, been looking forward to it for just over a month now.

Well take care everyone



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