Yule Door Ornament

Items You Will Need
Small broom, about 1′ by 8″
Plastic seasonal flowers {Holly, berries, mistletoe, evergreens}
3 different colours of ribbon, about 12″-16″ long
Some thin wire{strip garbage bag twist-ties of thier paper coats}
Ornament oriented to the sabbat
Wire Cutters

Using the wire cutters cut down the flower stems to a workable height. Using the wire, begin tieing in the seasonal flowers and berries at the base of the broom where the bristles begin. Manipulate the leaves of the flowers to lie flat against the bristles. This will give a good background for the colour of the flowers to show.

Lay your berries and or fruits in between the flowers and tie off with wire. Once you have all the foliage in, wire in the sabbat ornament of your choice.

To hide the wire tie the ribbon in a bow or whatever knot you prefer and let some of the excess drape around and under the piece.

TO HANG: String a bit of wire through the top of the handle and hang on a nail in the door. If you prefer to hang your broom bristles up, then weave the wire through some of the bristles and really twist for strength. If you are hanging this on the front door, it’s going to get a lot of traffic by it, so make sure it is secured well.



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