TV Shows

———-Dr. Who———-

Well the second ep of Doctor Who was alright, but sighs to a degree it was rather disapointing at least to me it was, and bad werewolf deal, not belivable at all, but hay you work with what you have.


The fifth ep of Jericho called Federal Response was interesting to watch, though I must admit that I was a little ticked about some of the charature development, just when I though we might learn more about Jake, well they don’t give you much, which seems to be the deal with the show not much info on the various people we are getting to know.

Though its interesting to see how Jake and Robert seem to have a similor back ground or something, which ofcourse makes me think military of some sort (but am sure their backgrounds will be updated as the show progresses).

The over view of the ep is as follows … “The people of Jericho receive a pre-recorded phone call from Homeland Security telling them that help is on the way. The townspeople start to think that life might be returning to normal when the power and phones return. Their hope is dashed, however, after the power surges and electrical lines go down, causing fires to break out all over town. While, when Jake and Hawkins work together to fight the fires, they discover that neither one of them is who they claim to be. Meanwhile, still desperate for information, the townspeople vigilantly watch the satellite television in Mary’s bar with the hope that another signal will come through.”

Not a bad over view, but like all the over views for this snow they don’t say much in general about the ep. And I still can’t watch the eps on the web, which sucks big time since well I’d actually like to watch the eps more then once to be able to get a better look at the show (sighs of all the years to not have a VCR and no PVR for that matter – oh well).

———-Royal Canadian Air Farce———-

Now last nights ep of Air Farce was funny, well at least the rip offs of the Mac vs PC was to me really funny … since the Mac guy was the Liberals and the PC was well PC (aka the conservatives) now watching those clips had me laughing and hooting big time (can’t wait till they put those eps online, which would be by the middle of next week or tomorrow if lucky).


Well I didn’t get around to watching it, since well I got home from BENT a little late, and when I could have caught it, I was already fast asleep since I was so NOT feeling well after al the smoke at BENT got to me big time. But from what my mom said it was a fair good ep, and well it will be on in reruns sooner or later.



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