The Royal Wedding

Well today was the day that Will and Kate got married, of course I am talking about the Royal Wedding.

Well it was a big day, like it is for many couples who choose to get married. Many people say that it is a woman’s biggest day, one that she has been planning for all her life, the idea of having that princess style wedding and everything is on many minds when it comes to that special day. I am sure with the planning that went into their wedding was also something that she had been over in her mind for years planning and having it come into fruition would have been I am sure a dream come true.

As many well know this is one of those weddings that people have been looking forwards to for years, since many of us first saw Will and Kate become an item. In the 8 years that they have been together, it has been something I am sure has been hanging over their heads, as to when he would pop that question and ask her to become his bride. Part of me thinks they only waited this long because she had to prove to the Queen that she has the right stuff to be future Queen and I am sure when the time comes she will make the crown proud.

Her choice in dress was up in the air for people to speculate about for some time, from who the lucky designer would be who would create it to what it would look like, some had it being very much traditional to ultra modern.

Her dress was what many where waiting to see, how would it look upon her what style would it be and an assortment of other things that I am sure crossed peoples minds. Today the world learned who had been chosen to create her dress and what it looked like. Some people said that it was a lovely dress other’s where not impressed with it. But all around one thing is for sure copies of the dress will in short order be arrive in local bridal shops and many new brides will be sporting the look for the season to come.

I can’t say that I was impressed with the design of the dress, to me it was very traditional but I didn’t think it was that flattering on her. It was great that she chose to have Ivory and White as her dress colours, very good choice it suited her complexion, so I will give that to her for that part of the choice, but style wise I just can’t think of much good to say about it from my own stand point.

When it comes to Kate’s sister Pippa’s gown now that was a gown that I liked the looks of and could easy see as a wedding gown in and of its own right, though I wasn’t to fond of the front part of the gown, but in general the design of the gown worked.

The only other down turn for that style of dress is that its not flattering for most figures because it show so much (aka it clings in all the right places) but for those who can pull it off, yes a great idea for a simple yet elegant wedding gown I do feel.

It was interesting to see Kate in her evening gown, two wedding gowns not a new concept but one I am sure others might well go after now that this has taken place (then again maybe not). I like her second gown much better to me that should have been her primary it suited her much much better in my personal option.

Like a lot of things when it comes to weddings, the idea of having two gowns seems like a nice idea, but it just doesn’t make much sense to me to have two. I can understand changing into a second gown if one gown was designed for cooler weather and you where having an out door wedding and then a reception inside and wonted a dress that was lighter. To me that would make sense or you have multi cultures going there I can also see more then one option going on to take in both side of the couple, but like all things each is to their own.

Not sure my take on those fascinators, strange hats is what Norman calls them, chuckles. Some of them that where shown on TV looked interesting other’s just looks plain wrong (as in what was that person thinking wearing that on their head). I know that fascinators are an old deal and that my mom wore one on her wedding day (as did many others in her wedding party and wedding period). So what is old is new again apparently or is becoming so after this showing I am sure. I can’t say that I would wear one but then again I might if I found the right one that I liked and suited me (anythings possible).

All in all it was a good wedding and both Norman and I enjoyed watching it, it is something that we both will remember for times to come as I am sure many other’s who turned in to watch it will and those who where in actual attendance.



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