The Da Vinci Code

Well its finally out in paper back – or rather I finally found a copy of it in paperback that was within my means of getting it.

Well since I got the book yesterday at about 2 p.m., I’ve managed to get through to page 150 at least as of this writing that’s where I am.

Thus far the books caught my attention in reading, but its not holding it like I had hoped it might. Then again its fair easy reading, and in another 6 hours or less of reading I think I’ll be through reading it, at which time I’ll likely re-read it just to make sure I didn’t miss anything first time round.

I can see to a degree why some people think the book has real info, because from what I’ve read thus far, it weaves a good web of information that is real and proven, with stuff that is conjecture and unproven – so one might well be lead to believe that the book is based all on fact, even if its labeled Fiction.

The charter Mr. Langdon I think is one of the main charters as is Sophie I think, as I said I’m still getting into the book , and I could be wrong about the main characters – but from what i can see thus far they do appear to be at least two of the primary ones for the book.

Well times getting on, need sleep take care



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