Micah Review

Well I’m finally getting around to write about the latest book I’ve read – its part of the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series, its the latest book in the series entitled Micah and I can say this, kind of disappointed because it only took me an hour and a half to get though it – its not that big a book and its double spaced which means the book is actually smaller then it looks (real disappointment there).

Even if the size of the book was a disappointment I have enjoyed reading it, I’ve read it about half a dozen times thus far – but that’s not saying much since it doesn’t take long to get though being as its really about about a hundred pages or so if you where to single space the lines instead of double space it, K it might almost hit 200 but I think that’s stretching it a little to far.

I’ll also bitch about the cover, I know the book is about Anita and Micah (hence the title), but still the apparent naked male body on the cover made me think of a cheap romance novel (which I do not like reading to freaking sappy and redundant writing in my personal opinion).

I hope the next book in the series goes back to better imagery such as the female form or something, the male imagery just doesn’t work at least for me it doesn’t for me as i said it cheapens the book, which isn’t cheap – at least to me its not.

The book really is a supplement for enhance the interaction between Anita and Micah, which is likely why it was published as it was. The book might be nice, as well as the subject matter – but at the same time it ties up some of the louse ends between Anita and Micah a little to much and to easily – at least for me that feels to be the case.

I can see this book being a filler for the next book to come in the series, where we learn that Anita might be with child and that it could be Richard’s child – but if it has anything to do with this book it might well me Micah’s child she could be carrying (if she is in fact pregers).

Also learning that Anita is carrying within her blood 4 types of lycanthrop well as she said in the novel its not a surprise at least the first two are not (Leopard and Wolf), but the other two Lion and an unknown strain are. I don’t know about some people but learning that she was a carrier wasn’t that much of a surprise to learn, guess I figured something had to happen with that much contact with the furry community that it would have to affect her sooner or later in the story lines.

This does leave a hell of a lot of interesting story lines that could be followed as time does pass within the series – and I would be rather disappointed if the author doesn’t at some point in time make use of this knowledge and elaborate or make it something of importance to happen with Anita or the like.

Well all in all i’ve give the book a 3 out of 5 as reading goes since it just wasn’t enough reading material compared to the rest of the series that it left me feel cheated.

Well take care everyone



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