Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, overview

Well it took me just under 12 hours from the time I got the book in my hands till I put it down when I finished it.

The book is a mixed deal to me, its nice that the craze might finally be over when it come to the potter deal, but at the same time I know that there are hundreds of young adults out there who have grown up with potter and will likely miss the series as it has stood for the past 10 years of its life.

There is still room for the author to continue the series, she has made ample sure that the possibilities of future books hasn’t been blocked, she’s left it wide open to write more, though no sure if she’d create a new series entirely as some people are saying she might (but like everything only she really knows if the 7th truly is the end of the series or not, or if another “magical” series will come to take its place in young minds and hearts).

Well onto my overview of the 7th book, the 7th book has a total of 36 chapters, plus an epilogue, which for some is a nice addition for others a wast of space and writing, but for a few gives rise to the idea that future Harry Potter books are still to be penned. After all she’s left 19 years open for things to happen to Harry, thus new story lines are a good possibility.

As everyone who is into potter and a few who are not have been speculating on who will bite the dust, a lot seem to think that Harry will and to a degree they are right and wrong at the same time, he does die, but its not the final death call it a visit to the summerlands, with the chance to come back if he wishes to do so, and ya we all know what he choice would be I’m sure.

One thing I do like about the 7th book is that it gives some background on the late headmaster Wizard Albus Dumbledore, we might not like what we learn about him, or we might depending on your point of view that you take with reading of the series and how the past about him is told to you as you read it. I’m not 100% sure if we even new he had a brother and sister from the other books or not, since I don’t remember that much info about him. But apparently he did have a sister who was killed and had a brother as well (not 100% sure if the brother is alive or not).

Lupin has a son, something I am sure is out of left field for a lot of readers of the series, granted its not a mating of his choice it does seem, and he seems to want and not want the child at the same time, so this line is good possibility to bring in a new story line of its own series in regards to Lupins son, and life as a child and what have you, to me that would actually be an interesting read if the author could pull it off well enough.

We also in the 7th book learn a little more about Snape and his connection to the potters, some of which I am sure a lot of potter fans had already figured out for themselves, but if not. Snapes had the hots for Lily Potter, aka he loved her big time and he meet her long before Harrys father ever meet his mom, seam’s the two of them lived in the same area while growing up (he new what he was to be, and she of-course didn’t). Turns out that Snape also had feelings for Potter himself, feelings of guilt for letting his mother get killed I am sure.

All in all the book was alright in reading, a little dry for the most part and really took me plugging away at it to get though it in full, as in it didn’t hold my interest as I had hope it would, then again I didn’t actually grow up with Potter to start with thus that might be in part why the series doesn’t fully appeal to me, that and its effect on the next generation of Wiccans who seem to have come into the craft by way of the series itself, some have stayed others have left.

Oh well, below the cut here is a listing of those who where killed in the 7th book, read it only if you actually wish to know before reading the book in full yourself.

Take care everyone

Well if you are reading this part you have agree that you wish to know who dies in the 7th book of the series, so here it is…
Lupin – gets killed and leaves behind a son
Snap – gets killed by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named
Mad-Eye – gets killed by the Death Eaters
Fred Weasley – killed by Death Eaters in the battle at Hogworts



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